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JKCS was established over 50 years ago. Fourteen years ago we added a high school to our K-8 elementary school community. Next year we will transition the JKCS Secondary School to a new site and new opportunity in the heart of New Westminster.

Our physical foundations are new and strong.

We are a school community. Over the years, our academic foundations were demonstrated to be well anchored in excellence. By every measure including anecdotal feed- back, internal assessment, the Fraser Institute, Provincial Exams, FSA and most recently the new Numeracy Assessment, JKCS students have performed in stellar ways. While each represent a snapshot, together they inform us about the direction of future practices. This week our grade 10 students numeracy results indicated scores significantly higher than provincial independent schools and higher yet than the data for the combination of all BC schools.

We are a community founded on Christ. We strive to be faithful to the Biblical path walked by our forebears, that we are on today and that is laid out as a beacon ahead of us. We pray for clear vision as our strategic planning process seeks spiritual direction for the future of our school.

Our stakeholders (students, staff and parents) are engaged in a process as agents of change to bring hope, love and justice to our world. We are equipping our faith community to serve and build Christs foundation for our world.

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal