Foundational Skill Assessment

Fera Gunawan Times News

For the last few weeks grades four and seven have been engaging in FSA testing at JKCS. The FSA or Foundational Skills Assessment is an annual province-wide assessment that takes place in early October and into November. The test focuses on literacy and numeracy skills. “Coming out of the pandemic they (FSA) offer us an opportunity to see how our students are doing,” says Kelly Blackmore, intermediate coordinator and grade four teacher. Mrs. Blackmore heads up our FSA team which also includes Sophia Tsang, Cheryl Embree, and Veronica Jackson and Adriel Carey at the secondary campus. “It’s also a teaching tool for how to take tests. We use the FSA’s as a way to teach test-taking skills,” says Mrs. Blackmore. We’re thankful for our dedicated team who helps our students each year to focus, to do their best. Thanks to the FSA team!
Dr. David Ward, Superintendent