Five Days of Giving Event

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Operation: New Genesis, a JKCS student-led initiative working to raise awareness and give support to individuals experiencing homelessness, is organizing an occasion called the Open Tent Event. Essentially, this event is to reach out to the homeless population throughout New Westminster and provide them with food, drinks, and information about local support services. We ultimately want to create a sense of community between us all and give back to those in need.
We will also be assembling and distributing necessity bags that will consist of hygiene products and other essential items such as hand warmers, water, and snacks. We’ll be holding our annual 5 Days of Giving Event from February 28 – March 4 at both elementary and secondary campuses to collect these resources for the necessity bags. The donation theme for each day is as follows:
Monetary Monday – Feb 28: Money donations for Raising the Roof Fundraiser [Check below for more information]
Toiletry Tuesday – March 1: Feminine hygiene products, tissues, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, wet wipes, floss, chapstick (travel size)
Warm Wednesday – March 2: Masks, bandaids, hand warmers, socks
Thirsty Thursday – March 3: Water, juice boxes, paper cups
Foodie Friday – March 4: Napkins, apple sauce, granola bars, fruit cups, fruit snacks, goldfish/packaged snacks, jam, peanut butter
There will be bins in each homeroom classroom where donations can be collected throughout the week.
If you are a secondary student and would like to volunteer to assemble necessity bags on Thursday, March 10, please email

Raising the Roof: Yubin K., a student from Grade 12 and the founder of Operation: New Genesis recently became a youth ambassador for Raising the Roof, a non-profit organization working to find long-term solutions for Canada’s homelessness. She is holding a toque fundraiser this month to raise awareness and money to support those experiencing homelessness across Canada. You can make a monetary donation here: or bring in any amount on Monetary Monday (February 28th). Raising the Roof toques are sold for $15 each, and all proceeds will go towards helping those in difficult living circumstances. The class that raises the most money at each campus will get an ice-cream party!
All donations will be greatly appreciated and help our neighbors in need. Thank you for your continued love and support John Knox!
Follow us on Instagram @operation.newgenesis to learn more about our initiative and how you can help make a difference!
Happy Giving ~