Fall Drive

ArushaTimes News

For the next few weeks we will be sharing our Fall Drive needs with you. This week: Elementary Gym Roof Restoration.
For the past year or two you may have seen a ladder propped up against the side of the admin wing with our intrepid head of maintenance, Fred Hizsa, high up on the gym or office roof making repairs. Our school gym was built as an addition to our old one story building back in the 90’s. When we tore the old building down in 2010 to build the beautiful school building you see today, the gym, kitchen and school offices were left intact to keep costs down. This wing of the school has reached a point in its life (it’s around 25 years old!) where it needs some significant repair.

Next summer, we will begin a major renovation of the roof of the gym, administration wing, and stage area. This is a significant capital project with a value of approximately $80,000. Your donations to this project will go directly towards this major repair, and will impact each student in the school who uses these essential spaces for PE classes and chapel. Thank you to all who have already given, we are deeply grateful for God’s provision through you!
Each school parent/guardian will have received a Fall Drive letter by mail. Please contact Arusha Vegt if you have any questions at avegt@johnknoxbc.org.