Fall Drive: Surprising Blessings

ArushaTimes News

Over Christmas, a lovely online donation came in for the Fall Drive. The donors were from Ontario and I didn’t recognize their names, so in their thank you card I asked how they were connected to our school. Were they grandparents of a student? Their email in response was such a joy that I had to share it!
Arusha Vegt, Development Director

Dear Ms. Vegt:
Thank you for your card and the kind note we received today. It gave us yet another thing to smile about by the grace of God.
No, we are not related to any of your students, so far as we know. (Except of course in Christ). The reality of our donation is somewhat more embarrassing. In point of fact, it was inadvertent. We intended to make a payment to John Knox Christian School in Brampton, ON.
Our pain is your gain, you might say. (God has blessed us, and the “accidental” donation is no great hardship to us. Please consider it another little gift of grace).
And, by the way, the Brampton school got their donation too. Yours in Him.