Fall Drive: Spring Update!

ArushaTimes News

Over the past few months we have been working on a big database update, and now that it is complete we can finally update you on the results of our Fall Drive! So far, the Fall Drive raised $153,000 for capital needs at our school. Additionally, some families and supporters are giving to the previous Capital Campaign, making general donations, or giving to specific projects. We are thankful to God, along with all the parents, staff, and friends of JKCS who gave.
When looking at the results of the Fall Drive, we noticed that just 34% of JKCS families have made a donation to the Fall Drive this year. Because of our database update we did not have a chance to send a gentle reminder to those families who had not yet given, so this week we emailed those families to ask if they could make their yearly gift to John Knox.

In that email, we outlined the need for our yearly fundraising efforts. Simply put, JKCS holds mortgages on our two campus buildings. Each year we have a repayment schedule for our lenders, and this year we have not quite met our repayment target. Once we’ve met this target we have the opportunity to look at other needs around our school, such as installing sinks in every classroom at elementary and fitting the rooftop space at secondary with seating, storage, safety netting, and greenery.
Thank you to everyone who gives to John Knox, whether it be financial gifts, volunteering, words of encouragement, or prayer. Looking ahead, we are excited for more opportunities for us to gather as a community at end of year concerts, sports tournaments, events like Field Day and the Knox Walk, and celebrations like Grade 6 and Grade 12 graduation.
Please pray that our community feels called to give generously to JKCS! In turn, we promise to give you a “Fall Drive: Summer Update” by the end of the school year. If you have any questions about giving to John Knox, please connect with us anytime.
With gratitude,
David Ward and Arusha Vegt