Fall Drive

ArushaTimes News

For the next few weeks we will be sharing our Fall Drive needs with you. This week: Secondary Music Room.

If you visit the secondary campus early in the morning, you may be welcomed by the sounds of the Grade 9-12 choir running scales or preparing for the Christmas program. To ensure that the many students who want to be a part of the music program have space in their timetables, band and choir are offered before and after school in addition to regular classes. This speaks to the importance of music at John Knox and our inspiring music teachers, Mrs. Cara Lau, currently on maternity leave, and Mr. Josh Poon.

Although the new building is 95% complete, one of the rooms that has not been finished or fully outfitted is the music room. While Mr. Poon is running a full slate of classes in the beautiful new space overlooking the courtyard, there are a few things lacking. Band students are sitting on old folding chairs from Carver, and there is no shelving in the instrument storage room. We are looking at purchasing some chairs specially designed for band students and their large instruments and ask for you to financially support this through your Fall Drive donation.

Thank you to all who have already made a donation to the Fall Drive! As always, we would appreciate a response from every John Knox family, whether the gift is large or small. Together we can work towards ensuring excellent K-12 Christian education is available for all who look for it.

Each school parent/guardian will have received a Fall Drive letter by mail. Donations can be made via the JKCS website, or by dropping a donation off at either school office. Each donation will receive a tax receipt for its full value. Please contact Arusha Vegt if you have any questions at avegt@johnknoxbc.org.