Executive Summary for February 24, 2020 Board meeting

Tim ChanTimes News

A Strategic Planning Committee has been formed and will be working with the SCSBC (Society of Christian Schools of British Columbia) to update and look at our existing Strategic Plan, Mission and Vision statements. Parents who are interested in helping with this committee are encouraged to contact Arusha Vegt.

We received a positive outcome from the BC Ministry Monitoring Inspection. An Administration Review team comprised of members of the SCSBC toured the elementary and secondary campuses, and interviewed administrative staff, teachers and parents in our school community.

The SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Steering Committee will consist of board members and administrators. The primary purpose of the Steering Committee will be to study the SOGI topic and help shape the conversation of the JKCS community on this subject. The planned start date for the committee is April 2020. More updates will be provided as the committee starts working.

Pansy Hwang, JKCS Board Secretary