Executive Summary: Board Meeting of April 27, 2020

Tim ChanTimes News

The contractor is continuing to work on minor construction deficiencies at the Secondary Campus. We have a refundable deposit from the City of New Westminster pending final inspection. There are now new bleachers in the Secondary Campus gym! Thank you JKCS students for raising money for the bleachers during the Knox Walk!

The Business Office has completed the transition to a long-term bank loan for the debt payment of the Secondary Campus. Families in significant need due to COVID have received financial aid for the remainder of the school year with ongoing conversations as required. Spending in most departments has been halted for the remainder of the year while spending for immediate needs continues.

All staff remain fully utilized in the programs being delivered. John Knox is in a stable financial position with strong enrollment for next year.

Outreach Teams to Thailand and Guatemala all returned safely and in good health. We have completed final requirements for the Ministry Monitoring Visit.

The recent SCSBC (Society of Christian Schools of British Columbia) Leadership Review was overall positive from both teachers and families in our JKCS community and we greatly appreciate everyone who participated in the survey and provided constructive feedback. The board and administration reviewed the report and are working to address the recommendations provided.

JKCS obtains COVID-19 information from the Ministry of Health twice a week with daily updates. The administration is well-informed on how to move forward and to adjust plans as needed. We are hosting children of essential workers from our JKCS community at the elementary campus. EA’s have volunteered to look after these children during regular school hours in adherence to safe and physical distancing protocols.