English 12 Final: “My Letter to the Past” by Samuel T.

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Those of you who went to high school in BC may remember taking the English 12 provincial exam. Although it remained long after all the other provincial exams were phased out, it was finally shelved two years ago, due to the new BC Education Curriculum. Its departure has given teachers the liberty to create their own summative assessment. Taking my cue from Mr. Bennett, I have tasked students with presenting final portfolios over the last two years. To present these portfolios students keep all their marked tests, projects and quizzes. During the last few days of classes, students curate their work, discuss them in light of the core competencies set out by the Ministry of Education, reflect on their growth in English class, and create one self directed piece that demonstrates both their strengths and their understanding of the English 12 curricular competencies. One student this year, Samuel T., presented a really powerful piece. Inspired by a YouTuber, Samuel created a spoken word piece that was as memorable as it was inventive. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
My Letter to the Past – English 12 Final by Samuel T.
Rebekah Loconte, Humanities Teacher