Elementary Update

Tim ChanTimes News

Our first week back at JKCS off-site school is in full swing with teachers making contact with families and a weekly schedule in place. Just for a moment, I want to peel back the cover of the online platforms and give you a peek at what is going on behind the scenes.

As with any proper system, there are countless hours of research; staff and admin exploring not just what works well and what demonstrates best practices in education, but also what best fits our community. JKCS is a socially active entity; we communicate, we talk, we seek to understand one another, to reach out, to support as we have been called to do.

I find it interesting that the gospels encourage us so much to pray. Prayer is communicating, connecting, listening, reaching out and building relationship with Jesus. It seems natural for us to do the same with believers and to build a Christian educational space where we seek to support and connect with our students and families.

It’s not perfect. We have a long way to go. But through all the daily, hourly, Zoom meetings, phone calls, emails, Slack and Facetime sessions, I find myself encouraged, delighted to be working with colleagues, with brothers and sisters who are exhaustively researching to bring the best education they can to our kids.

Every day, teachers are presenting one another with new lessons plans, teaching each other how to log on, log in, switch, portal, host and share. Our teachers are in a steep learning curve and they are all running hard! Thank you, JKCS community for your patience. We have you in mind as we run.

David Ward, Principal