Elementary Spotlights

Tim ChanTimes News

Grade 1 Sees the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

“I learned that music can be turned into stories. I saw a giant harp. I heard Sleeping Beauty.” (Written by Ryan)

“I like the music and Peter and the Wolf and I like the Orpheum. In the Orpheum it was so pretty. The gold pieces were so pretty and I like the song Night on Bald Mountain.” (Written by Catreece)

“The Orpheum is so nice. I love the sound of music. I love the conductor doing that. It is so nice. The Orpheum looks old, but it’s so nice.” (Written by Jared)

“I learned about where the instruments go and how they work together.”(Written by Sophia)

I learned the Orpheum was like a castle. I learned about interesting instruments.” (Written by Timosha)

Grade 5 Field Trip to Victoria Island

We had a wonderful time in Victoria! The day was compressed with a tight schedule that kept us busy! There as more than we could possibly see at the Royal BC Museum and the Legislative Assembly, but we even met MLA for Burnaby! The whole trip went off without a hitch and the students had so much fun playing together on the upper deck of the ferry on the way home.

Jeanine Wasik, Grade 5 Teacher