Elementary: SOI at JKCS

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John Knox Christian School is known provincially, nationally, and internationally for its work with the Structure of Intellect Program (SOI). Teachers have travelled from around Canada to our Burnaby campus for training.

We are a licensed Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) site and certified SOI school. SOI has been entwined in our education programs for over 17 years, and in 2018 we were honored as a SOI School of Excellence for the success that our students displayed in their individualized programs and contribution to the SOI community.

SOI is a scientific based program that encourages students of all ages to achieve learning success. SOI is a protocol program based on assessments and testing to identify an individual’s processing strengths and challenges.
At John Knox we have an umbrella of SOI programs that serve all students from Kindergarten through to Grade 2. We include complimentary programs as part of our early childhood fundamental movement training that encourages students to learn through movement and focus.

We have additional programs that are one on one or small group called Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) which serve individual students from Grades 2-6. A silver lining of Covid is that we were able to provide off site students with our monthly Movement with Purpose physical education training program including the development of training videos and printed explanations of why each activity can help with academics.

Many John Knox students who have participated in our SOI program have had success in high school, university and college, and some have continued on to Masters and Doctoral programs with honors designation. We are very proud of our SOI graduates and love to hear their stories.

The SOI IPP center builds cognitive training through resources including workbooks, computer programs, SOI Auditory Training Programs, as well as Physical Exercise training plans. Specific equipment is used to encourage the development of the visual and vestibular systems through exercise and movement. Equipment used includes mini trampolines, balance boards, walking boards, balls, beanbags, hanging balls, Brock Beads, Auditory Focusing skills, etc. The skills training is a protocol system which encourages the development of gross and fine motor control including visual and auditory systems, memory, critical thinking, sequencing, spatial surrounding, focus attending, physical coordination, and many more benefits.

If you are interested in additional information about our SOI program, please email Mrs. Marne Stelzer at mstelzer@johnknoxbc.org.