Elementary: Share Your Music Days

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In primary music classes this week, students in kindergarten to grade 3 participated in Share Your Music Days. What a joy to hear and see such a variety of musical gifts! One student creatively used a large Eggo waffle box as a cajon, another student shared a favourite family song from Spotify, a grade three student played guitar and another student shared a video of himself playing violin while his little sister danced. Some students composed or improvised their own tunes on piano, recorder or trombone while others performed carefully rehearsed Classical pieces. I was thrilled that many students were brave enough to sing and share their music for the first time. Of course, this is only possible with a gracious, attentive and encouraging audience and I was extremely proud of the students in each homeroom class who listened attentively to these musical offerings and shared compliments. It was truly a celebration of God’s good gift of music!
I shared a new song with students too and I would like to share it with you. It is a song that I wrote to a familiar tune. Enjoy the recording here. Have a merry and musical Christmas!

Home for Christmas
Original music by Walter Kent with words by Kim Gannon
Traditional tune
Lyrics by Rebecca Visser, Dec. 16, 2020
I’ll stay home for Christmas
You can count on me
I’ll take it slow with Netflix shows
And puzzles by the tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Where you often do
I’ll be home for Christmas
And see my friends on Zoom
You’ll stay home for Christmas
We can count on you
Doing right without a fight
‘cause staying home’s alright
Christmas Eve will find you
Playing with a toy
You’ll stay home for Christmas
‘cause Covid can’t stop joy
We’ll stay home for Christmas
You can count on us
Keeping safe and staying here
No need to live in fear
Christmas Eve will find us
In pyjamas, you can trust
We’ll stay home for Christmas
Because we know we must.
We’ll stay home for Christmas
You can count on us
Baking bread and sipping tea
No need to make a fuss
Christmas Eve will find us
Sometimes feeling blue
We’ll stay home for Christmas
And trust we’ll pray for you.

Mrs. Visser, Grade K-3 Music Teacher