Elementary: Share Your Music Days

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Students in kindergarten to grade 3 (primary) will have an opportunity to perform for their classmates during music classes June 6-10. Many students are practicing at home for a recital this time of year and we would love to hear what they are learning! Students are welcome to share something they practice at home or during lessons: singing, dance, poetry, piano, violin, etc. Perhaps your child knows a song from Sunday School that they could sing for us.
This is casual and we look forward to a huge variety of music talents and all levels. Share Your Music Day is a safe and encouraging environment to share something for others even if it’s for the very first time! The goal is to have students perform live but there may be exceptions if parents would like to send a video of their child’s part in a dance recital, for example, or if their musical instrument is too large to bring to school. This is totally optional and there is no pressure for students to perform.
Please email Mrs. Visser if you have any questions and be sure to include your child’s name and class: rvisser@johnknoxbc.org