Elementary Perspective

Tim ChanTimes News

The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

We all had plans. Plans for teaching, plans for building community, plans for developing curriculum, plans for supporting students, plans for field trips, plans for sporting events, plans for just about everything; plans, plans,
and more plans. A few even had plans to plan.

But plans changed. Covid19 and self-isolation protocols delayed, altered, transformed, and even destroyed many of these plans. And for many families, it was not only plans that went awry, but far more. We think about you and lift you up to our heavenly father. He’s still got you; that never changes.

But we as a staff have learned a lot about ourselves these past few weeks. Our status quo was fundamentally altered, and we’ve had to create a new normal – a challenging yet amazing experience filled with inspiring synergy.

Cross-grade collaboration has become simply mesmerizing to witness. Staff are communicating with intense intentionality: pedagogical assumptions are being challenged, unique giftings are being empowered, gaps are being
identified, successes are being shared, strategies are being honed.

Since I started at John Knox 15 years ago, it has always been a community-oriented establishment, but in this current situation, it is like, and please forgive the comparison, the Power Rangers just called on their Powerzords and combined into a new Megazord champion. It is individuals intentionally connecting themselves together to do what no single individual could do.

And as we surrender ourselves and this process to Jesus, we’re watching our whole profession grow and develop in unexpected ways. The educational experience your child will receive next year will be better, not because of our plans, but because we’re letting Jesus direct our steps.

It has been difficult. We have not been free of frustration or tears. But the good things we are learning from this experience are going to be carried into the future, whether on campus or online. As we surrender our plans to the Lord, it becomes an increasingly joyous privilege to walk with Him.

Grateful to be partnering with you,
Jacob Rodgers, Grade 6 Teacher and Intermediate Coordinator