Elementary: Morning Drop Off Procedure Change

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Dear parents and JKCS community,
Thank you so much for your patience through the shifts and changes of conducting school safely during this pandemic. We recognize the changes have been confusing at times and that families are often having to make adjustments. Thank you for your willingness to do this. It is paramount for us to make and keep your children safe and to mitigate risk as much as possible. As the weeks roll by and the pandemic is still with us, we continue to shift and adjust protocols in conjunction with the latest and best medical and health information. We are writing to you now in regards to MASKS and drop off. There is one main adjustment at this time and it pertains to wearing masks during DROP OFF in the mornings. Starting Monday, October 5, 2020 as inclement weather sets in for the season, we are requiring that all students K-6 wear a mask on entering the school grounds at drop off in the morning. The reason for this is that beginning October 5, we are shifting from lining up outside to a continuous drop off where students will enter the building immediately and walk to their specific classrooms. This means that learning groups will mingle in the hallway as they enter and this requires that all children wear masks on entering the building and until they reach their classroom.

Practically, this is what it would look like on the morning of October 5:
• Drop your child off at your regular scheduled time following the same traffic pattern
• Make sure your child is wearing a mask as they leave the car
• Your child will enter the building right away and wearing a mask, use the same entrance they have been using all September
• Your child will walk to his/her classroom
For now, pick up will remain the same until there is a more risk-reduced way for us to have parents collect their children.

In Him,
David Ward, Elementary Principal