Elementary: Make a Joyful Sound

Fera Gunawan Times News

You may have heard some scraping, tapping, rattling or other joyful sounds coming from the playfield recently. The new sounds and visual art are a collaboration of some students and staff who worked together to create an outdoor music wall, inspired by our November 2020 staff professional development day.

Did you know you can play many songs using eight PVC pipes and a pair of water shoes? I have heard an ascending scale, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and many unique melodies played on those black PVC pipes this month. I love how toddlers stop there after morning drop off and entertain parents with their rhythmic creations and giggles.
Mrs. Visser and her husband used this formula

and a tape measure and a chop saw (and plenty of trial and error) to cut two-inch PVC pipes into the eight notes of a G major scale. Mrs. Visser spent lots of time looking at Pinterest ideas and hunting for fun shapes and building supplies at the ReStore. Mr.Tigchelaar appreciated any excuse to get out of his office and cut wood, use a drill, play with zap straps and be outside. Ms. Menage and the students of 3MP designed and painted all the colourful creatures on the wood fence posts. Ms. Au and her students created patterns on all the wood letters and designed scenes on tin cans.

It is our hope that students will indeed have fun exploring, creating and engaging with the various textures and materials on the music wall. We continue to refine the design, add new instruments and find ways to secure items that will be safe and sturdy enough for children’s play. What a joy it is to see and hear children experimenting with items on the music wall, including some ways that the adults never even imagined!
Rebecca Visser, Elementary Music Teacher