Elementary: Invitation to the Christmas 2019 Programs!

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Grades K-3 (primary)
Matinee: Wednesday, Dec 11, at 1:30 PM
Evening: Thursday, Dec 12, at 7:00 PM

Grades 4-5 (intermediate)
Matinee: Monday, Dec 9, at 1:00 PM
Evening: Tuesday, Dec 10, at 7:00 PM

The entire school community is invited to our Christmas Programs which take place in the church across the street from the school.
For Primary Students: It is important that all students perform in the primary program as well. Grades K-3 students must be dropped off in their classrooms at 6:30 pm. After the program, parents are asked to pick up their children from the church.
For Intermediate Students: It is very important that all students perform in the program since they are part of the group and others depend on them to be singing or playing their instruments. For the evening program, all Grades 4-6 students must be at the church at 6:30 pm