Elementary: Interest in SOI for 2021/2022 School Year

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John Knox has been known provincially, nationally as well as internationally for its work with the Structure of Intellect Program. Teachers have travelled from all around Canada to Burnaby to attend training at our primary campus and learn about how to be a certified school.

John Knox Christian School is a certified Structure of Intellect school. Last year due to COVID 19, we needed to close our SOI After School Program. We are considering applications for the 2021/2022 school depending upon recommendations from our administration and Dr. Bonnie Henry. I am looking for interest in the program at this point and taking names to place on a list should we move ahead.

We will know in September whether this After School extra curricular program will be offered to our elementary students.
The SOI Afterschool program is a protocol program that students attend once per week for 90 minutes. We typically start the 3rd week of school in September and run till June. Parents pay a monthly fee of $255 per student attending. The monthly fee is a constant and is based on attendance of 3 times per month. (Some months are 2 times and some months are 5 times attending).

Our program uses assessment testing of processing abilities as well as physical abilities. The cognitive training using resources like workbooks, and computer programs, Auditory Training Programs, Physical Exercise plans that are personalized to each individual. We use equipment to encourage the development of the visual and vestibular systems through a protocol exercise program using mini trampolines, balance boards, walking boards, ball, beanbags, hanging balls, Brock Beads, Auditory Focusing skills, etc. Exercises encourages the development of gross and fine motor control including visual and auditory systems, memory, critical thinking, sequencing, spatial surrounding, focus attending, physical coordination, and many more benefits.

If you are interested in having your child(ren)attend this program, please contact Mrs. Stelzer to place you name on a list. We will know more come September whether we should proceed.
If you are interested in additional information about our SOI program. Please email Mrs Marne Stelzer at mstelzer@johnknoxbc.org