Elementary: Grandparents’ and Grand-Friends’ Day 2022

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The end of April is a time for the JKCS elementary campus to celebrate some very important people in our students’ lives: their grandparents and grand-friends. In the past, this has meant that students invited their grandparents and grand-friends to our school for a special time of musical presentations from each grade, prayer, treats and coffee served by parents and Grade 6 students, and a chance to tour classrooms. It is one of the most fun days of the whole school year!
Over the past two years we have paused welcoming grandparents into our school building due to the pandemic. Although things are looking more positive this spring we still want to be cautious with our precious senior family members and friends.
This year, we will send a video greeting to grandparents from each class. Filming will take place next week and will include a classroom tour, teacher and class greeting, and a short presentation.
Once the videos are complete near the end of April we will send a link home to parents asking you to forward it to seniors close to your children, whether it be grandparents or a senior friend from church.
We miss seeing our school grandparents at school! We hope these short video greetings will give them a fun glimpse into their grandchildren’s classroom.
Arusha Vegt, Director of Development