Elementary: Dance Lesson

Fera Gunawan Times News

Dear Parents, it was such a joy working with your children in May for outdoor dance sessions. I was so impressed at how well the children did, and to their credit, they learned a lot of dance vocabulary, more than expected in the five hourly sessions each grade had with me. So many of the children also showed strong musicality, displaying physical ability with good rhythm and memory. I hope they had fun learning and found a new understanding of various techniques used in dance, and that dance is inclusive of everyone and every culture. Boswell Academy is about a 6 minute drive from John Knox, but there are also other great studios that may be closer to where you live. Do reach out if you’d like to know more about dance education for your child, and the amazing things it can develop, other than good discipline, great health and coordination skills.
Sincerely, Sharon Boswell