Early Tuesdays

Fera Gunawan Times News

On this year’s school calendar, we have included 6 Early-Tuesday dismissals that will be used by staff to develop and refine instructional strategies, curriculum documents and learning assessment practices.

Strengthening and refining our educational programs is a process that requires collaboration time for our teachers. For example, the task of understanding the Biblical Perspectives from which a unit or subject is taught, is not a simple undertaking. Developing a framework for integrating the BC Ministry of Education’s curriculum, in ways that are faithful to biblical guidelines for education and life, is important work.

We invite our families to set aside some time to pray for a genuine blessing over this significant work. Pray that our collaborations support wisdom that is rooted in convictions that lead to a walk of faithfulness. Pray for teaching that inspires a passion to know more, to understand more and to do more, in honour of our Lord and in recognition of God’s flawless love for your children and the dynamic times within which they are called to be disciples of Christ.

And we also are praying for our students and their families; may the peace of the Lord rest upon us all as we love and pursue the Lord together.
Respectfully yours,
Wendy Perttula
Director of Curriculum and Learning

Early Tuesday Dates and Pickup Schedule:
September 28, October 26, January 18, February 8, April 5, May 3
Primary K-3: Pickup at 12:00 pm
Grades 4-6: Pickup at 12:15 pm
Grades 7-12: Dismissed at 12:25 pm
Bussing: Leaves the High School at 12:35 pm arrives at Elementary School at 12:55 pm