Dreaming and Creating Together

Tim ChanTimes News

If you care about something enough you dream about it. You dream about it when you are asleep, when you are awake and while collaborating to create something new. This scenario is playing itself out, over and over again, in every corner of our JKCS community. Our dedicated staff, teachers and EAs spent this week grappling with the unexpected and then planning together until individual ideas coalesced into the creation of new learning platforms for your children.

The personality of JKCS has so much to do with community that we are now eager to invite our families to join us in a partnership of exploring new education paradigms together. The week’s rollout will inform the adjustments we make for subsequent week’s classes. We expect that significant effort will be invested in fine-tuning the balance between meaningful continuity and responsive change, all with the goal of constructing excellent Christ-centered learning experiences for our students.

Next week may seem very much like ‘the first day’ and then ‘the first week’ of school. Don’t worry if you and your child are temporarily lost in the hall while on route to your next class. Don’t worry if your child needs extra time to adjust to the changes they will encounter. Our teachers, many with children of their own, are inviting you into a partnership so we can gradually work through challenges together.

We look forward to those good quality conversations that will create energy and momentum for the exciting journey we are on together.

With sincere gratitude,
Wendy Perttula, Director of Curriculum