Creation Care Initiative with Grade 7

ArushaTimes News

On a sunny and cool day last week, the grade 7s stormed the campus gardens and sidewalks with their exuberance and energy as they were led by Mr. T. to care and cultivate the school’s exterior gardens. Their outdoor time included weeding, collecting garbage, and recognizing the importance and beauty of the plants in our gardens.
The grade 7 students are growing into their role as Creation Care connoisseurs by caring for our campus gardens and our indoor green wall, picking up garbage around campus and in the neighbourhood, and providing weekly Creation Care Challenges to the school community. As they become more conscious and aware of God’s creation and beauty, we pray that they will become good stewards who embrace environmental responsibility through cultivating earth-friendly practices in themselves and our school community.

Creation Care Challenge #7: Save Water!
This week student and parents are challenged to:
Take short showers (5 mins or less);
Fill your bath water to half the level of normal;
Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth;
Turn off the tap while lathering up your hands with soap during handwashing
Reuse the water from washing your vegetables for watering your plants.
If anyone in your family is doing any of these water saving practices, you can send a message to David at to receive spirit points for your class. Let’s go JKCS!
Jeyne Lund, Missions and Outreach Coordinator