Counsellor’s Corner

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Feeling like you are stepping on the toes of your family members? So are we! Nerves and levels of stress are heightened, times are unpredictable, and most of us are having to share space with our family members day in and day out. As a counselling team, we wanted to provide you with a few resources to help you and your family in this time so that you do not feel the need to “walk on eggshells,” so to speak.

We believe that this time in close quarters with your loved ones can actually help build your relationships to be even stronger than they were before. But how? The Google Doc link included in the newsletter email will direct you to the Counsellor’s Corner, where we have provided resources and a short video regarding sharing space with your loved ones (we have even included one that we found beneficial regarding romantic partners). Stay well!
Thoughts & Prayers,
JKCS Counselling Team