Consumer or Creator?

ArushaTimes News

I have been in the JKCS community for seven years now, both as a parent and as a staff member. Over the years, I have been impressed by the love of Jesus flowing in our community. Teachers spent extra time to build enriched curriculums for the students. Mr. Brock asked students to build small scale PNE rides for his physics class; Mrs. Arevski introduced the hydrogen fuel cell for her science subject. Teachers wanted students to be able to replicate the existing technologies, so that they could come up with their own ideas.
Technology has made dramatic changes in our lives. Phones can not only make calls, but also take pictures and translate different languages. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used to recognize objects in pictures. Soon, we will see autopilot cars on the street. Technology makes our life easier. It is easy to enjoy the technologies created by others. So, can we create something that others can benefit from?
Creating is not easy. We always have some ideas in mind, but it is hard to turn them into reality. This was my experience until I worked for Hans, a Dutch inventor. I worked with Hans after studying Environmental Engineering at BCIT. We worked together to design plasma units to reduce the odor in the emissions from manufacturers. We built our test unit with whatever materials we could find. We used a kiln to make our own catalyst from honeycombs and chemicals. We did what we could to make things happen. One of the important things that I learned from Hans is taking action. When you have a thought, don’t stop with it only being an idea but create a plan and work through it step by step and make things happen.
Creating is one of God’s characteristics. We all know the creation story. God created a good environment for humans to live even before He created Adam, the first human being. We are the image of God. Creating should be in our blood.
Nowadays it is very easy to make your ideas into reality. A 3D printer is a good tool for creation. I enjoyed using a 3D printer to print the items for what I had in mind, such as customized washers and cable guides, to solve the problems around us. In the makerspace at our school, we have 3D printers for students to use. If you have some ideas, please join us to turn your ideas into realities. We can not only be consumers, but also creators.
Luke Qi, Network Administrator