Christmas Greetings from JKCS Board

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2020 has been a challenging year to safely deliver good education. We are thankful to the John Knox staff for their nimble agility as they maneuvered ever changing protocols, varied styles of classroom learning and adjustments to the academic and safety needs of our students. Gratitude goes out to our parents and the broad JKCS community for working attentively under these new learning and public health initiatives. Deep appreciation to all for jobs well done!
Reflecting centuries back to that challenging road to Bethlehem, that road that ended with “no room at the Inn” and no help, extended family or otherwise, to assist with the birth of a child. Out of those seemingly very discouraging circumstances, out of a manger, the greatest story of all time began to unfold. The story of Love. The love that brings redemption and hope to all mankind.
This season, it is helpful to remember that we are not living in fear, but in faith. We have been given the gift of Christmas because we have the ability to understand and receive it. Praying you receive this greatest gift with gratitude and joy.

Glory to God in the Highest
Merry Christmas John Knox!

The John Knox Board