Cell Phone Free Pilot Week At JKCS Secondary

ArushaTimes News

This current generation of young people are digital natives, having grown up in a world saturated with access to digital media. This can be a blessing and a gift at times, however, they can be a distraction and a hindrance to education and student development.
As a school community we are prayerfully assessing how we can help our students develop healthy habits around cell phones, computers, and digital technology in general. To this end we will be having a cell phone free week January 13-17. This will be active from the first bell to last. Any cell phone that is seen (even if the screen is not in use) will be confiscated for the day and kept at the office.
We understand that this will be difficult for many students who are habitually connected to social media and video games through their devices. Addiction to social media and gaming are very real. We hope that this will highlight the need for correction and balance for those students who find it particularly challenging.
This week will be carefully observed by our staff and administration to inform our decision making going forward regarding our digital citizenship policies.
We appreciate your support.

Adam Wasik, Vice Principal