Carver Corner

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Authentic Leadership Experiences
for Every Student
Our Carver community, has often been commended for the authentic leadership opportunities our students are offered. New Student Council representatives were elected and they will work with the SC executive to achieve many initiatives this year – Spirit Days, casual days, events, etc. Leadership is not only seen in “titled” roles like Student Council or Grad Council but in every day ways as well. In Athletics, senior students often provide mentorship to their younger counterparts. Student leadership will also be exercised this week by those who initiate another year of Lunchtime Clubs. All Carver staff seek to foster, appreciate and encourage students in every grade to learn how to self-advocate in the classroom and out.
A key concept often missed in the rhetoric about leadership is the necessity of being a good follower as well – no one leads everything. We want all of our students to practice good communication, positive participation in community, thoughtful consideration of others and, most of all, to trust in God’s sovereignty in the big and little things.

Paul P. Tigchelaar, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.