Building Project Update

Tim ChanTimes News

As spring slowly approaches, we hope to leave the cold behind, there’s an anticipation of a season of change. The status of our project is following a similar stage as we put structure behind us and move into the finishing processes of the project. Our exterior glazing & cladding has fallen behind but slowly progresses, mainly due to a lack of qualified trades people. To compensate for uninstalled glass and doors there is poly, insulated tarps and heaters to keep the upper floors warm enough to allow our interior work to proceed. If you have been by the site recently you may have noticed some traffic disruption, not great for commuters but good for us as our offsite work draws closer to completion. This is the installation of power, water, sanitary & communications infrastructure that services our site as well as new street lamps, side-walks & roadwork.

On site we have moved well into the finishing stage. On a project like this, finishing starts at the top & works its way down minimizing heavy traffic  on finished surfaces and moves the materials & waste down as the projects progresses. On the 4th floor, the suspended ceiling grid system is installed, drywall, 1st & 2nd coats of paint have been completed with flooring and cabinets in progress. On the 3rd & 2nd floors drywall is well underway moving down to the 1st floor shortly. Most of the exterior glazing has been completed with the two main entries being the most significant areas still outstanding and are presently being focused on for completion. On the backside of the gymnasium the exterior metal cladding is being installed and will progress clockwise around the building providing the finished look to the exterior walls. There is still much to be done but the committee is encouraged by the increase in progress  at this stage. Our contractor Yellowridge Construction has provided May 31st as the substantial completion date. This assures us that come the start of the new school year in September we will have a complete and well-appointed school ready to begin a new chapter for John Knox.

Mike Davey
Building Committee