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John Knox elementary school intermediate students recently participated in a reading challenge to earn the chance to win great prizes. From January 3 to February 28, Grade 4 through 6 students were challenged to read around a Monopoly-style playing board featuring different genres of books such as Fantasy, Mystery, Graphic Novel and Non-Fiction. There were also spaces on the board for unconventional genres such as “A book with a One-Word Title”, “A book recommended by your teacher” and “A book older than your parents”. Students worked together with their classmates to complete a class Bookopoly board in which each student was assigned a “property” to complete. The class who completed the most boards won a class pizza party. In the individual Bookopoly board challenge, students who read all books on the board (a total of 19 books) were entered for a chance to win a $50 Indigo gift card. There were also smaller prizes available to all students who completed a set of properties of the same color. Prizes included pencils, erasers, bookmarks, stickers and candies. 

Students, with the help of parents and teachers, worked extra hard to complete these challenges, and in the end a total of 33 students completed individual boards, and 7 classes completed their class boards. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated! 

4A                   4B                  4M                  5C                  5S                5W               6B    6BC

Andrew           Aiden             Anthony          Cadynce         Aria              Austin Collin Alexa

Eryn               Cadence        Chloe M.         Chloe D.          Isaac Q.       Stella Karen

Zakary            Chloe C.         Eirena             Elvera             Isaiah           Victoria Norah

                      Hana              Jocelyn K.        Hayden                               Yaroslav Sophia

                       Ian                  Joyce                                                       Ziona Timothy



Note: Many students completed multiple individual boards.

The following classes completed their Bookopoly boards:
1 Board: 4M, 5S, 6B, 6G
2 Boards: 4B, 5W
3 Boards: 5C

Winner of the $50 Indigo Gift Card Draw: Chloe C. (4B)
Winners of the Class Pizza Party: 5C (4C)