Blessings of Budget

Fera Gunawan Times News

A budget is about giving, cheerfully; and giving generously can mean the same as giving sacrificially and certainly planfully.
Churches regularly use this message of cheerful sacrifice during budget time. These budgets enable the body of Christ to worship and support much like our Christian schools budgets.
The JKCS board and administrative team has been wrestling with the 2020/21 budget for a number of months now. Compelling yet challenging adjustments have been made in response to an unanticipated pandemic.
Our desire is for our community to be bound together more closely – both for students so that they are not disrupted with change and for parents so that they can continue to have the same community support that they have been a part of in past years. The administration and board have a strong commitment to the community that we do not want to lose families due to the pandemic; this is tangibly demonstrated in a greatly increased tuition relief budget.