Basic Supply List for Secondary Campus Students

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(Please note that this is a list of supplies that will likely be required of every student. After the first week of classes, teachers might recommend additional supplies.)

School Uniform
Combination Lock (Students will be required to keep their cell phones and
other valuables in their school lockers during the school day)
NIV Study Bible
Masks (as required)

Pen, Highlighter, Pencil, Eraser
Ruler, Tape, Glue, Scissors
3 Ringed Binder(s) and Dividers
Lined paper and Graph paper

Regarding BYOD and School-Provided Chrome Books

Grade 7 and 8 Students: Please note that all grade 7 and 8 students will be
assigned a school-provided Chromebook. Use of this Chromebook will be
subject to a user-agreement contract and a very reasonable yearly lease-topurchase agreement and a repair-cost schedule. Please do not provide a
home-purchased laptop for your child if they are enrolled in grade 7 and 8
for the 2020-2021 school year. Details about the user agreement and repair
schedule will be issued when school commences in September.

Grades 9-12: Students in grade 9-12 are required to Bring Their Own Device
(BYOD) to school. We strongly recommend that parents purchase a Chromebook for school use. A basic Chromebook can be purchased for approximately $400 and is sufficient for school purposes. More powerful computers support gaming programs that may detract from valuable academic and social priorities.

(Revised June 2020)