Elementary: Backpack Tags and Launch Pad

Fera Gunawan Times News

In the past week, you may have noticed your child coming home with a new tag on their backpack or a sticker on their planner. Again this year, we have implemented our backpack tag as a home and school tool to develop and foster greater independence in students and to help develop self-regulation. Self-regulation is one of the target competencies in the BC curriculum, and our backpack tag is one way to foster this skill both at home and at school. Students have discussed in class how to use the tag before they leave for school in the morning, to be prepared for the day ahead, and how to check at the end of the school day, to ensure they have their personal belongings and any homework they need to complete at home. We encourage families to use this tool to calm some of the morning madness! Please ask your child if they have checked their backpack tag/sticker before they leave for school each day. Here is a link to a presentation that was used to introduce the tag last year. It includes the rationale and also some practical suggestions for creating a family “Command Centre.” We are thankful to partner with families to support student success!
Mrs. Kim Beunk., Elementary Vice-Principal