Art Show (Elementary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

We are excited to announce an in-house art exhibition, show casting the art work of our very own JKCS after school art class.

The Exhibit’s Theme: Transformation of Pharaoh.
The Venue: Lobby, John Knox.

The Presenters, After School Art Classes Students : Alexa V., Alicia L., Andy L., Anja P., Ashley L., Austin L., Cameron F., Daniel L., Daniel W., Daniel Z., Emma L., Gabriel L., Hannah B., Henry S., Isaac N., Isabella W., Jacob J., Jayden W., Kaitlyn C., Kristin L., Liam S., Logan U., Lydia T., Mavis C., Nicole L., Olivia L., Oplelia L., Reagan L., Shawn C., Sophia S., Sophie L. Please make a point of stopping in at the school to take in this show.