April Poetry Contest (Secondary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

Here is another great poem from grade 12 student Megan L. who submitted this piece for April’s Poetry Contest.


Condensation in the corner of the window
Just a hint of a rainy day
Will I think of you tomorrow?
Will I remember you next May?

This is what I remember
Seven years I swore would last forever
The message I sent November
Your reply that it was over
The slow unerring drift apart
The little things you took to heart
Our opinions that grew to sorely differ
No longer living up to each other’s measure

Fresh leaves rustling against crisp air Just a whiff of bygone despair
If we see each other, would you stop and stare?
Would either of us care?

Here is what I remember
The odd smile on your face as I left for the gate
The messages that came to dwindle, dissipate
The burning anxiousness that just could not wait
The timestamp on your apology that seemed to indicate
It was too late, our friendship was long past its expiry date

Familiar words playing out in greyscale
Just a flicker of nostalgia gone stale
It’s been a while, how now goes your tale?
Should I clear out our memories in a clearance sale?

There is so much to remember
Your little sister who looked up to my shadow
The songs we liked still popular on the radio
Your photo you didn’t know I took so long ago
That stays buried in my camera roll
Secrets hidden far below
Petty fights that consumed us whole
Things I’ll have to let go
I remember
You were my best friend