Applied Science, Design and Technology (ADST) Marshmallow Challenge (Elementary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

Grade 4W  students are learning ADST Marshmallow Challenge throughout this school year to design a tall structure out of spaghetti sticks that supports a marshmallow on top and make it as tall as possible. The students learned to collaborate with others to plan, carry out, and review constructions and activities (communication competency), to design, create, test, and improve a product (ADST curricular competency), use a strategy to help get past a problem (social responsibility competency), to reflect on and evaluate thinking, products, and actions (critical thinking competency).

Here are a few questions and answers from one of the students.

  • Compare and contrast what your team did today and what your team did the first time your tried this challenge. What was the same (compare)? What was different (contrast)?

“Me and Daniella build the most. Ours were always freestanding. We always have great plans. Emma was helping us which made us go faster which gave us more time for details which made our tower taller. We tried a different plan.”

  • Were you happier with today’s structure or the first structure your team built? Why?

“I was sooo more happier then the f irst structure because we won! Emma was a big help to us.”

  • How did you contribute to your group’s work today? What was your role(s)?

“We were very stressed when we say the bigger towers but we also had fun when Emma was the tape robot. It also made us go faster and I always ask for tape and then Daniella says “I already have tape”. Emma helps break and tape things.”