Annual Fall Drive

ArushaTimes News

While we are so thrilled to have most students back at school this fall, there is something big missing. Our parents! Whether they are dropping by the secondary campus to catch up with Mrs. Michael and Mrs. Chu, or starting the week with chapel at elementary, we all miss those impromptu face to face conversations and connections. We pray for the day when we can welcome you back inside again but are thankful that you are praying for the work that is happening in our schools every day.

Although you can’t be here in person, we want to invite you to participate in the growth and financial well-being of our school. This fall, we welcome back the Annual Fall Drive. This is our most significant yearly fundraiser; it is vital to ensure that excellent Christian education is available at John Knox for years to come! Last year, the generous giving from the Fall Drive enabled us to complete and support the following projects: the elementary gym roof was repaired over the summer, specialized furniture was purchased for the music room at the secondary campus, and building debt repayment was supported as needed.

This year, we are raising much needed funds to support our building debt repayment and outdoor learning spaces, including the secondary gym rooftop. While your tuition and our government grants cover the educational cost of each child at John Knox, we rely on donations to cover capital expenditures and special programming costs.

Next week, check your mailbox for your Annual Fall Drive letter! This letter will share some challenges and blessings of this unique school year and will ask for your financial support as you are able. Thank you for your continued prayer and encouragement, even when it feels like it is from afar. We remain one community under Christ called to, “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.” Isaiah 12:4.
With gratitude,
Arusha Vegt, Director of Development

P.S. Photos of initiatives already underway! We have purchased a large tent for the elementary campus and set up an existing tent at secondary. Outdoor classes offer rich educational experiences and provide another level of safety for our students. They also allow older students to work and learn without the requirement of a mask.