Annual Fall Drive

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The pandemic, and all areas of life it has touched, has affected each of us differently. Some parents’ businesses or industries, such as anything to do with hospitality, have temporarily shut down. Tuition and other daily expenses may have become challenging for these families, and additional giving may not be possible. For other parents, jobs and investments have carried on as normal, and donations to worthy charities may continue. The JKCS Annual Fall Drive only asks families to give as they are able. Where one family can not give at this time another family can give significantly. Our communal goal is to ensure that we have excellent Christian education available for years to come, and support important projects around this school this year. Please prayerfully consider how your family can contribute to our goal of $160,000.
Thank you to those families and friends of JKCS who have already responded to the Annual Fall Drive!
Arusha Vegt, Director of Development