Annual Drive (Fundraising)


Every Fall, John Knox runs an Annual Drive fundraiser to ensure the long term sustainability of John Knox. We have been richly blessed with 60+ years of faithful and selfless giving from our many parents, friends, and alumni who support us financially. John Knox relies on gifts from our families and friends to support capital projects like the replacement of the elementary campus gym roof, and equipment needs like furnishing the music room at the secondary campus. Please prayerfully consider how you can support our growing school.

Here are a few financial facts about our school

  • John Knox receives 50% of its operational funding from the government (operational = what it costs to educate a child in BC). Your tuition fees cover the remaining operating costs.
  • John Knox does not receive any capital funding from the government (capital = the cost of the facility, land and equipment). Your donations are needed to cover the cost of these items.

Our needs include large projects to maintain and improve our two campuses, furniture and equipment needed for our students, and paying down our debt on our new building. What this really works towards is long term sustainability. We want John Knox to continue to educate God’s children for many years to come!

Our 2019 Fall Drive is focused on raising money for 3 projects:

1) Elementary Campus Gym Roof Restoration

The elementary campus has a pressing need that affects all who enter our gym or administration wing. The roof is leaking and is in need of substantial roof restoration. This will directly impact each student as they worship in chapel on Monday mornings and participate in PE classes. Administrative staff look forward to not coming into school after a rainy weekend to flooded carpets!

2) Secondary Campus Music Room

Students at the secondary campus are enjoying the generous spaces in the new building. Areas such as the Student Commons and Learning Commons are well appointed sunlit spaces for group work, lunch, and reading. But some teachers are struggling with old Carver furniture, and students in our Music program would benefit from specialized chairs and purpose built furniture.

2) Debt Reduction

With the completion of our secondary campus, we must look towards paying down our building debt. This will be a joint effort for our community today and for those families joining us over the next 25 years

Thank you to all who have already given, we are deeply grateful for God’s provision through you! Each school parent/guardian will have received a Fall Drive letter by mail.

Donations to John Knox can be made anytime at

May Glod bless you as you give. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.
Arusha Vegt, Development Coordinator
Paul Tigchelaar, Principal