An Update for Kevin and Colleen

ArushaTimes News

(Written by Pastor Andrew Beunk on January 19)
Kevin and Colleen continue to make encouraging progress. Kevin’s been home since Sunday and is getting a little bit stronger every day. Today, Colleen’s OT and physiotherapist observed her accomplishing a variety of movements and based on her success decided she will be able to go home tomorrow! Praise God! Every day she’s experiencing small but significant improvements. Tonight and tomorrow morning their condo will undergo some temporary “redecorating” to accommodate her new “accessories” (wheelchair, walker, etc., not to mention a bath chair that’s all the rage). Continued heartfelt thanks from the Beunk’s and the Breedveld’s for all your prayers, cards, flowers, and meals.

At this point, it’s estimated that Kevin and Colleen’s recovery will be 4-6 weeks. Please pray for patience, perseverance, and continued physical and emotional healing.
Someone shared these verses with us from Psalm 66: “Praise be to God, who hears our prayer and answers our prayers. His steadfast love surrounds our days, HIS name be ever blest. Come everyone, and join with us in rousing songs of praise. Sing out the honour of God’s name for all HIS glorious ways!” Amen!
The nightmare that began a week ago has been transformed by the grace of God, the prayers of so many, and by wonderful emergency response crews, RCH medical staff and care teams, into a new chapter of hopeful recovery and restoration. Thanks be to God!
Our two families have been deeply blessed by our extended families and friends and the communities of New West CRC, John Knox Christian School, Surrey Christian School, and other networks of colleagues and friends. Thank you for all your support.