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by David Ward, Superintendent

Are you reading this? Apparently…75% of you are!

One of the tools that Arusha Vegt has been using to improve communication with our school community has been a feature on the newsletter platform that allows us to see which articles people are reading. As you can see from the title of this column, a majority of our community is faithfully interacting with our weekly update. Confident that you will read through to the end of this particular piece – I submit the following for your consideration.

Please come to the November Annual General Meeting and here’s why:

  • Members are endorsing the strategic plan initiatives as approved by the school board
  • You will have an opportunity to hear about our school’s finances
  • Senior admin will be present to discuss the progress of the school
  • You will meet the current school board of directors and hear about some of the strategic initiatives in which they are engaged

Our board is made up largely of parents, people like you, people invested in this school and who have children in the school. The AGM provides an overall view of what’s happening at JKCS K-12 and where the school is going. It’s hard to make time in the busyness of life to attend another school event. And yet, I believe it’s important that you try. Please take a moment after reading this section of the newsletter to book the date on your calendar, to speak with your spouse and plan for this event – it only happens twice a year. I believe it will be worth your effort. To each of you who read through to the end of this article – my thanks! 

JKCS Annual General Meeting
Monday, November 28, 2022
Elementary Campus
8260-13th Ave, Burnaby