After School Art Class (Elementary Campus)

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Art Show: We are excited to announce an in-house art exhibition, show casting the art work of our very own JKCS after school art class.

The Exhibit’s Theme: Door of Life

The Venue: Lobby, John Knox

The Presenters: After School Art Classes Students : Alexa V., Alicia L., Amos L., Amanda R., Andy L., Anja P., Ashley L., Austin L., Braydon C., Beckett W., Cameron F., Daniel L., Daniel W., Daniel Z., Devyn G., Emma L., Fedora L., Gabriel L., Gisella S., Hannah B., Harper G., Isaac N., Jacob J., Jayden H., Jared L., Joseph J., Kaitlyn C., Kristin L., Logan U., Luis H., Lydia T., Mavis C., Nathan T., Nicole L., Oplelia L., Reagan L., Renee H., Shawn C., Shyla S., Sophia S., Sophie L., Tobias T.,

Please make a point of stopping at the school to enjoy the artworks. If you’re impressed by this demonstration of student learning, consider signing up your kid for the Art classes. Registration for After School Art Classes 2019-2020 Opens:

For the school year 2019 -2020, there will be three art classes offered. The details are as below

Fall term:

  • every Monday, from Sept 9 to Dec 9, 2019 (Twelve classes)~$283
  • every Wednesday, from Sept 11 to Nov 27, 2019 (Twelve classes)~$283
  • every Friday, from Sept 13 to Dec 6, 2019 (Twelve classes)~$283

Winter term:

  • every Monday, from Jan 6, 2020 to Mar 9, 2020 (Nine classes)~$212
  • every Wednesday, from Jan 8 to Mar 11, 2020 (Ten classes)~$235
  • every Friday, from Jan 10 to Mar 13, 2020 (Ten classes)~$235

Spring term:

  • every Monday, from Mar 30 to Jun 15, 2020 (Ten classes)~$235
  • every Wednesday, from Apr 1 to Jun 10, 2020  (Eleven classes)~$260
  • every Friday, from Apr 3 to Jun 12, 2020 (Nine classes)~$212

All classes begin at 3:25 and finish at 5:00 pm. (3:00 -3:25 snack time) The fee includes the cost of art supplies and GST.