A Day in the Life at JKCS Secondary

Fera Gunawan Times News

At 8:49am, I step into the hallway and see multiple feet scurrying up and down the staircases, lockers closing and “beeeeep,” the bell goes to start the school day. Walking through the quiet hallway I make my way to Ms. Nicole’s Biology 11 class, where students are investigating the differences between animal phyla, then make my way to Ms. North’s Science 7 class where they are using magnets to race cars to a finish line, then pass by the Bridge where students are recording a voiceover for an English project. In the afternoon, I make my way to my classroom where the teaching portion of my day begins. In Science 10, we discuss the life cycle of stars and the beauty with which God created our universe. Students then make their own constellations with origami stars they have just learned to fold. Curiosity, artistry and learning has filled the day in each classroom. The day ends with a meeting: student-led initiatives are presented to the administration team and I am blown away by the passion, the determination, and the heart of these students to make our community better.

Building up student leaders who love God and love people, is my primary focus in working with students at John Knox. It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to support student passions and interests by offering feedback on initiatives, sponsoring athletic teams and clubs, and engaging with students outside the classroom setting. I joined the arts and crafts club, led by Mrs. Lau, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Keene, and it is a joy to witness the talent and enthusiasm that the students possess for learning new skills such as crochet and sewing. I am also working closely with the graduates to achieve their fundraising goals and plan for graduating activities. It is very exciting to hear about their plans and where God is leading them next year, and to help them make their senior year as memorable as possible.
As a team, we work to offer opportunities for genuine teacher-student connections to be made, academic and spiritual growth to flourish, and service towards others to demonstrate compassion. The staff care so deeply for our students, and I am learning so much from the staff and students every day. I am so grateful to be a part of the John Knox community!
Leanne Arevski
Vice-principal Senior Grades