A Classroom Engaging Students in Faith

Fera Gunawan Times News

Recently, I stopped by a grade 10 class to speak to a student. As it turned out, the teacher was giving devotions so I leaned against the back wall to wait. Mr. Bennett was reading from the book of Acts. I intended to wait for a moment and then leave if the session was extended. As it turned out, I found myself leaning away from the wall and leaning towards the story. I was pulled in. From time to time, Mr. Bennett would ask students what they thought of a particular word or meaning or purpose in the story. It was playfully challenging. Playful, because Mr. Bennett was so calm and engaging. Challenging because he was talking profoundly about what it meant to be a follower of Christ – not just 2000 years ago but right now. Then I remembered why I had come to the room in the first place and suddenly realized that Mr. Bennett was likely wondering the same thing! As I walked back down the hall, I found myself thanking and praising God for the opportunity we have at this school; to share and think and speak of Christ so freely and openly at our school; to encourage one another along the path in being followers of Jesus. As you read this newsletter, please take a moment to pray for our staff as they share their faith and support the faith of their students and your children. It’s an enormous calling.
Dr. David Ward, Superintendent